Welcome to the Bring Your Own Charger® program! We recommend completing your enrollment on a tablet or mobile device.

At this time, enrollment is closed.

To enroll, you will need:

  • A plug-in electric vehicle with an in-car charging timer (nearly all EVs have this) OR a smart charger with programmable timer

  • Your VIN (vehicle identification number) OR charger make, model, and serial number (if you have one)

  • A picture of your smart charger’s or vehicle’s charging timer programmed to charge overnight


The Bring Your Own Charger program provides you with a $25 incentive in exchange for you agreeing to the following:

  • On weekdays, charge overnight at any time between 10 p.m. and noon the next day.

  • On weekends, charge at any time between 10 p.m. Friday and noon on Monday.

  • Provide a picture of your smart charger’s or vehicle’s charging timer programmed to charge between 10 p.m. and noon during weekdays.

  • If you have a ChargePoint or eMotorWerks charger and supply your device’s serial number, you will receive an additional $25 incentive.

In case of an urgent need, you may charge up to three times each month during the peak hours without forfeiting your incentive.


Please ensure your email address is entered correctly to begin enrollment


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Please review the terms and conditions below and then sign and click 'I Agree'.

I am enrolling in the Bring Your Own Charger® program (the “Program”) pursuant to which Sagewell will provide the incentives identified in this Agreement in return for meeting certain Program requirements. By signing below, I understand that, as a condition of Program participation and to confirm off-peak charging, I am authorizing:
(1) the Program Administrator to request my charging data from my charger manufacturer, if available,
(2) the Program Administrator to share my data with the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources, as required by the program
(3) the Program Administrator to contact me about this Program.


The program incentive is $25 and will be paid as a check at the end of the program. Customers who enroll with a validWiFi-connected Chargepoint or eMotorWorks charger will receive an additional incentive of $25. 

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